Track Chairs

William Wei, Dalarna University
Sheng Zhang, NCHU
Tianshi Wu, Harbin Institute of Technology

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A Monitoring Infrastructure for the Quality Assessment of Cloud Services

Priscilla Cedillo
Javier Gonzalez-Huerta
Silvia Abrahao
Emilio Insfran

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Driven Agile Development

Asif Gill, University of Technology Sydney

Alignment of Business Models and Software: Using an Architecture-Centric Method to the Case of a Healthcare Information System

Marcos López-Sanz
Valeria de Castro
Esperanza Marcos

An Agile Enterprise Architecture Driven Model for Geographically Distributed Agile Development

Yehia Ibrahim Alzoubi, University of Technology Sydney
Asif Gill, University of Technology Sydney

An Incremental and Model Driven Approach for the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Cloud Application Architectures

Miguel Zúñiga-Prieto
Silvia Abrahao
Emilio Insfran

Contagion in a Financial System

Xian Cheng, USTC-CityU Joint Advanced Research Centre
Stephen Shaoyi Liao, City University of Hong Kong
Yiteng Xu
Zhongsheng Hua
Yang Dai, Southwest Jiaotong University

Entity Identity Reconciliation based Big Data Federation-A MDE approach

Jose Gonzalez Enríquez
Francisco Jose Domínguez-Mayo
María José Escalona
Julián Alberto García García
Vivian Lee
Masatomo Goto

How Mentorship Improves Reverse Transfer of Tacit Knowledge in Chinese Multinational Companies (MNCs)

Zhenjiao Chen, Beijing Institute of Technology
Douglas Vogel

Motivation-oriented Architecture Modelling for e-Healthcare Prosumption

Malgorzata Pankowska

Optimal Requirements-Dependent Model-Driven Agent Development

Joshua Z. Goncalves
Aneesh Krishna, Curtin University of Technology