Simon Cleveland


According to the Standish Group (2011), 66% of projects fail, while 75% of the successful ones are managed by experienced project managers (PM). These PMs document their experience in the form of stories to facilitate knowledge capture (Jonassen and Hernandez-Serrano, 2002); however, while 62.4% of the organizations have formal procedures for documenting lessons learned (LL), 89.3% of the organizations are not doing so (Williams, 2008). The problem, therefore, is how to facilitate the capture of project knowledge from the experienced PMs and transfer it to the novice PMs. A new information and communication technology (ICT) called microblogging is an effective tool for capturing and disseminating usage practices (Zhang, Qu, Cody and Wu, 2010); however, it has not been studied yet for the purpose of capturing and transferring project knowledge in organizations. This paper proposes research to validate whether microblogging is a useful platform for knowledge creation of LL in projects.