Lack of user influence or user responsibility is often a key risk factor in IS development projects. Although these two factors are pertinent to the performance of project management, the IS literature on user participation or user involvement often overlooks the factors of “user influence” and “user responsibility.” We conducted a survey with 151 IT project managers in order to understand the degree of impact of these two individual factors on IT project management performance. We propose that organizational technology learning mediates the relationship; therefore this study also investigates this factor. Regression analysis was conducted to assess the degree of interdependence among (1) user influence, (2) user responsibility, (3) organizational technology learning, and (4) IT project management performance. The analysis shows that user influence has a direct impact on organizational technology learning, and an indirect effect on IT project management performance through the mediating factor. However, user responsibility has no direct or indirect effect on these factors. Practical implications are suggested for IT project managers to more effectively manage projects by increasing user influence.