Selected Papers of the IRIS, Issue 13 (2022)


High-performance teams (HPTs) have been seen as one of the key parts of organizational success for decades. However, there is still no agreement on what an HPT is and how an ordinary team can become an HPT. In the contemporary world with the growing digitalization of almost every aspect of our life, new types of work start to appear, and digital teams, or teams working with or within a digital context, now exist. But are digital teams similar to traditional teams in terms of factors affecting their high-performance? This paper aims at summarizing prior knowledge on HPTs in order to find out key aspects affecting the success of HPTs and differences in these aspects between digital and non-digital teams. This paper presents an analysis of 41 papers on the topic of HPTs in different contexts. The results present 32 factors divided into 6 big categories. Each factor is shown to be associated with either traditional teams, or digital teams, or both. The results suggest that differences exist between digital and traditional teams in terms of HPTs both in specific and shared factors.



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