ISSN 2387-3353
Issue Nr 11 (2020)

Coordinating Editors
Jon Aaen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Stefan Hochwarter, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Issue Editor
Erik Borglund, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

IRIS 43 was hosted online by Mid Sweden University, 10-12 August 2020.

The papers published in this 11th issue of the IRIS Selected Papers were nominated by the group leaders at IRIS43. Before being nominated, the papers have carefully been peer-reviewed in a double-blind process and further discussed in group sessions during the seminar. Based on these assessments, the papers were revised and resubmitted by the authors for publication. This issue has an acceptance rate of 20%.


Submissions from 2020


Foreword IRIS43: Digitalization in times of transition, Jon Aaen and Stefan Hochwarter


Accelerated Digital Transformation: The Case of The Online University Caused By Covid-19, Sabine Madsen, Christian Ravn Haslam, and Jeppe Agger Nielsen


Governing Innovation in E-Health Platform Ecosystems – Key Concepts and Future Directions, Dragana Paparova and Margunn Aanestad


People on The Other Side Are Waiting: Work Obligations and Shame in ICT-Related Technostress, Raluca Stana and Hanne Westh Nicolajsen


Assessing Business-It Alignment Maturity on Multiple Organizational Levels, Lise T. Tordrup, Laura Jensen Marthendahl, and Michael Træholt