An integrated Health Management Information systems (HMIS) is said to be the panacea to achieving Universal Health Coverage. Low and Medium Income countries (LMICs) is often weak; fragmented, hence data collected cannot be used for decision-making. Using institutional logics, we examined the state of HMIS in Cameroon in relations to the characteristics of HMIS of UHC. Data collection was done through interviews conducted with officials of CNIS 1 -MoPH and UHC in Yaoundé, December 2015, January and July 2016. Document review and observations were used as secondary method of data collection. Multiple logics were identified that might increase risk of HMIS failure. We argue that though integrated HMIS is essential, it is a far-fetch reality to LMICs. HMIS for UHC being a fairly new area, the aim of this paper is to help stimulate more active discussions on this issues as debate on this could shed more light on the issue.