This paper describes the findings of a redesign project of a children’s website, where social considerations have been providing the guidelines for design. The case company, Yle, is the national public service broadcasting company of Finland. The website redesigned is a cross-platform programming extension of Yle’s Pikkukakkonen (“The Little Channel Two”, P2), a TV show with media content that targets primarily pre-school age children. Our study utilizes action design research (ADR) as the research method, touchscreen game applications as the facilitating technology and theories on social values as theoretical lenses to formulate design principles. These design principles are used for redesigning the P2 website to enhance its contribution to the public service of Yle. Following the principles of ADR, our study demonstrates how the results can be used both for the benefit of the case company and to a class of similar problems. This study contributes to the knowledge on theories on social values and web design of public services, when also social considerations need to be taken into account.