Institution Name

Universität Innsbruck

College Name

Faculty of Business and Management

Department Name

Department of Information Systems, Production and Logistics Management



AIS Region

Region 2

University Full Postal Address:

Innrain 52 Innsbruck, Tyrol, 6020 Austria

Short University Description

Nestling at the foot of the mountains, our institution is a recognised hub for teaching and research in the field of information systems, offering a master's programmes - Information Systems – Sustainable Digitization. This program combines management and computer science, giving students practical experience in applying the latest technologies to real-world business challenges. Our institution's research landscape is diverse and comprehensive, spanning themes crucial to the evolving digital landscape. By engaging in a variety of research projects, investigating topics such as dark patterns, digital platform ecosystems to control and coordination of IT projects, our team contributes significantly to the academic community publishing in leading information systems journals and regularly presenting their work at key conferences.

Program Highlights

The Master's Program in Information Systems prepares students to analyse and design the sustainable digitization of organizations, markets and societies, cultivating leadership in IT and digital management tasks. It merges management and computer science concepts, offering hands-on experiences applying leading-edge information technologies to real-world business opportunities. The curriculum focuses on trending information systems, management and computer science related topics and tackles challenges ranging from enterprise system development, information infrastructure establishment, and IT-oriented business models. Conducted entirely in English and on-campus, the program emphasizes interdisciplinary skills, qualifying students for leadership positions in IT and for IT management tasks in companies and organizations. The structure of courses harmonizes diverse skill sets, catering to backgrounds in management, business, economics, computer science, and information systems.

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Maximilian Schreieck,