Institution Name

University of Canberra

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School of Information Technology and Systems



AIS Region

Region 3

University Full Postal Address:

11 Kirinari St, Bruce Canberra, ACT, 2617 Australia

Short University Description

Dynamic and vibrant, the University of Canberra (UC) is embedded deep in the soul of Canberra, the Australian capital. Canberra is a place where ideas are born, creativity is explored and opportunity is created. Our home in Canberra and connection with our neighbouring communities shapes our purpose as a university. Whether it’s fostering innovation, meeting health-care needs, solving environmental challenges or equipping our future leaders, our University is an embodiment of our distinctive city. Canberra is a wonderful place to live, study and work – a safe, connected, multicultural city which boasts great scenery, excellent entertainment and sports venues, a buzzing food scene and a glittering galaxy of cultural institutions. As a university anchored in Australia’s capital, we work with government, business and industry to serve our communities and nation, and to be the capital’s educational window to the world. From this vantage point, we challenge the status quo in a relentless pursuit of original and better ways to teach, learn, research and add value – locally and internationally. We are the university for Australia’s capital region. We will be the most accessible university in Australia and a global leader in driving equality of opportunity. Within UC's Faculty of Science and Technology, the School of Information Technology and Systems offers programs in Information Systems, alongside other programs in Information Technology and Engineering. The Research Cluster of Digital Inequality and Social Change (RC DISC) is built on the research strength and interest of a multi-disciplinary research group focusing on: - Digital divide and inequality - ICT for development (ICT4D) - Antecedents of digital and social transformation - Sociocultural impact of IT - Ethics, privacy, wellbeing and safety - IT for marginalised and indigenous societies

Program Highlights

UC's courses in information systems are the Bachelor of Business Informatics and the Master of Business Informatics, that includes the nested Graduate Certificate in Business Informatics and Graduate Diploma in Business Informatics. These are offered in an on-campus mode of delivery.

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Luke Nguyen-Hoan,