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Singapore Management University

College Name

School of Computing and Information Systems



AIS Region

Region 3

University Full Postal Address:

80 Stamford Road Singapore, Singapore, 178902 Singapore

Short University Description

Real-world industry sectors provide the School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) with a testbed and laboratory for experimentation, as well as a fertile breeding ground for new ideas. SCIS’ faculty and students apply their research results to solve real problems in a variety of industry settings and to create IT applications and systems. At the same time, SCIS faculty actively publishes in top-quality Computer Science and Information Systems conferences and journals, in areas including Cybersecurity; Data Management & Mining; Human-Machine Interaction; Information Systems Management; Decision Making & Optimisation; Machine Learning & Intelligence; Multimedia Systems; Pervasive Sensing & Systems; Software Engineering. SCIS has been remarkably successful in demonstrating educational innovations and creating a culture of learning, establishing external linkages and partnerships with industry, government and the social sector. SCIS graduates from our undergraduate, masters and doctoral programmes frequently join highly sought-after organisations in academia and industry.

Program Highlights

We seek to create computing knowledge for the digital transformation of business and society, and the application of this knowledge in the training of IT professionals to innovate solutions that create value to business and society. The programs that we offer include: (A) Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) (B) Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (C) Bachelor of Science (Computing and Law) (D) Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) (E) Master of IT in Business (F) Master of Science in Computing (G) Ph.D. in Information Systems (H) Ph.D. in Computer Science (I) Doctor of Engineering Our students learn in a highly interactive environment and get the chance to apply their knowledge to real-world projects. This alignment with the needs of the industry prepares our students to be industry- and future-ready.

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Hwee Hwa Pang,