The issue of security in mobile devices and applications has been mostly examined from a technological perspective but not adequately from an economic point of view. In particular, the opinions of users in terms of the economic impact of mobile security breaches on them would be of great interest. This paper firstly analyses the basic mobile user types and classifies mobile services (except for phone calls) into these types. The basic user types are: (i) sporadic users, (ii) socializers, (iii) entertainment type, (iv) instrumental, and (v) advanced users. Through a survey conducted among mobile users, it is shown that the mobile user type is determined by the frequency and the variety of use of mobile services. It is also demonstrated that the perceptions of users with regard to the economic impact of mobile security breaches on them differ. These perceptions are dependent on how security breaches should be grouped. These groups are: (a) the breaches strictly related to device loss/theft, (b) those strictly related to malware attacks, and (c) those pertaining to both previous cases. This work falls in the efforts that have been made to assess the economic implications of mobile security breaches for different types of users. Keywords: Mobile services, Mobile security breaches, Mobile user typology.