Our research examines the transformative changes that AI systems already bring about and are projected to cause in the future. These transformations are often referred to as ‘a fourth industrial revolution’ (Schwab, 2016; cf. Brynjolfsson & McAfee, 2014; Raisch & Krakowski, 2021). For the purposes of this foresight exercise, we assume that AI is likely to be a ‘general-purpose technology’ (Brynjolfsson et al., 2019; cf. Lipsey et al., 2005), similar to technologies such as the steam engine, electrification, and computing. The overall research questions that this project aims to address are: What are the effects of AI on companies by 2035? Does the advent of AI necessitate changes in the organisational design of companies? What are the corresponding key competences that companies need? In this paper, we propose a taxonomy that addresses the last question: what are the key competences for firms on an organisational level to be prepared for AI systems?

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