Without a doubt, data is considered as a strategic asset for the digital economy. While companies seek for greater data-driven insights to unlock new business opportunities, we observe a shift from internal to cross-company data sharing (Wixom, Sebastian and Gregory, 2020). The European data strategy (2020), and the underlying EU’s data act (2022) bring upfront numerous benefits of data sharing, such as improved access to private and public data, generation of new products and services, or reduction of public services’ costs, amounting to 270 billion euros in additional GDP by 2028. In fact, estimates from Gartner (2021) show that private organizations engaging in sharing their data can expect to generate three times more measurable economic benefit compared to those who do not. Data sharing also contributes to the sustainable use and reuse of data particularly in the context of reduction of energy use and technological resources (European Commission, 2020; Akhgarnush, 2021)

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