Panels afford the opportunity to discuss timely topics that are important, and provocative. A good panel engages the audience and invites experts in a discussion that stimulates interaction and significantly advances attendees’ understanding of a contested topic. Panel topics are varied, but generally pertain to contemporary issues that demand focused research attention, new research challenges, or changes to the status quo of the discipline. Panels related to the conference theme, and panels including a senior practitioner, are especially welcome. We encourage proposals that are innovative, inspirational, and potentially controversial, leaving the audience with more questions and issues to debate and consider after the panel is over.

Track Co-Chairs;
Sue Brown, University of Arizona,
Yongsuk Kim, Sung Kyun Kwan University,
Isabelle Walsh, SKEMA Business School,

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Thursday, December 1st
12:00 AM

Digital Transformation and the Changing Role of IS in Business Education: Lessons from the AACSB MaCuDE Project

Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University
Heikki Topi, Bentley University
Helmut Krcmar, Technical University of Munich
Paul Leidig, Grand Valley State University
Adriana Steyn, University of Pretoria
Bernard Tan, National University of Singapore
Joseph Valacich, University of Arizona

12:00 AM

Monday, December 12th
12:00 AM

Automated Driving Systems as a New Frontier for Information Systems Research

Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University
Jeffrey V. Nickerson, Stevens Institute of Technology
Fredrik Svahn, University of Gothenburg
Edward Straub, SAE ITC

12:00 AM

12:00 AM

Digitization to Support Generations of Refugees: How Can IS Research and Researchers Make a Difference?

Safa'a AbuJarour, An-Najah National University
Cynthia Beath, University of Texas at Austin
Michelle Carter, Washington State University
Robert M. Davison, City University of Hong Kong
Shirin Madon, LSE
Carleen Maitland, Penn State University
S Miranda, University of Oklahoma

12:00 AM