Nowadays, healthcare field is tightly connected with information technologies, in particular, big data technologies. The simulation of the patients flow in the health care system can significantly enhance the effectiveness of its work. The main purpose of the model improvement is to take into account the features of patient care to enable end users to obtain forecast values at the output. Thus, these values can subsequently become the starting point for decision-making by the management. In this paper, the analysis of the demand for medical services in European hospitals was carried out to determine the required amount of resources within the use of the modern analytical methods. The study contains a description of big data technologies in healthcare; executes the beneficial side of its implementation. The research showed that the science community made a great effort in the development of the indus- try, however, privacy and security issues, standards establishments still require enormous attention and new efforts to be made in the study area. The study is also focused on the predicting the resources, which are needed for a medical institution.