A comparison of perceptions of analysts and programmers in Singapore versus the United States identifies many more similarities than dissimilarities. The Singapore sample consisted of 1,179 persons (31% of the entire I. S. population). The U. S. data base is comprised of more than 8,000 persons. Similarities were statistically significant on 9 of 12 factors compared for system analysts and on five of 13 factors compared for programmers. On six of the eight factors where programmers are significantly different, changes underway have a strong likelihood of eliminating those differences. On the most important factor that distinguishes I.S. professionals in the U.S from other U.S. professionals, individual growth need strength (GNS), Singaporean I.S. professionals are not significantly different from their U.S. counterparts. This is the first of six studies comparing American I.S. professionals to I.S. professionals in Singapore, that they perceive motivational issues much like their American counterparts.