Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have become widely used recently, upending several industries. One of the most extensively disrupted businesses today, the educational sector, is being transformed by ChatGPT. This study aims to comprehend how students feel about influencing elements and their attitudes toward novel concepts like ChatGPT. We received almost 162 respondents from the students of different business schools in the pilot survey. There are 14 questions in the questionnaire and the scales are based on the ABC model of attitudes on a Likert scale, which measures levels of attachment, propensity for behavior, and level of cognition. Investigations on study habits usually concentrate on the number of writing assignments, characteristics of information searching and selecting behaviors, and capacity for adjusting to new technology. In this research, we studied how ChatGPT may transform business education by altering how business professionals and students interact with and take in knowledge. The future of business education may be greatly changed by ChatGPT. The summary of this study offers a glimpse of how ChatGPT might revolutionize business education while also noting that doing so fully would take careful planning, ethical consideration, and steadfast study