With the popularization of Internet technology and the rise of social platforms, the consumption scenario of beauty products has gradually shifted from offline to online. However, as an important source of pre-purchase decision-making information for college students, the online testing and evaluation (OTE) of beauty products has not attracted much attention from the scholars. Based on this background, our study innovatively considers the trend of decentralization and establishes a model to explore the impact of recommended OTE on college students' purchase intention regarding beauty products. The results are as follows: (1) Except for visual cues, the professionalism, popularity and content quality all have significant positive effects on purchase intention; (2) Perceived risk plays a mediating role between the above three variables and purchase intention; (3) Perceived functional value plays a mediating role between popularity, content quality and purchase intention. Finally, we put forward suggestions for the OTE operators to improve consumers' purchase intention, and also hope to help college students make rational purchase decisions.