In recent years, Chinese consumers have more and more demands for cross-border beauty products, so it is of practical significance to explore their continuous purchase intention. A research model is constructed based on SOR theory model in this study, in which the “stimulus” (S) factor is customer perceived value, including emotional value, functional value, social value; the “organic” (O) factors are perceived gain and customer satisfaction; “Response” (R) is consumers’ continuous purchase intention. Based on 451 valid survey data, it is found that emotional value, functional value and social value have a positive impact on perceived gain and customer satisfaction, and perceived gain and customer satisfaction have a positive impact on continuous purchase intention, and perceived gain has a more significant impact on continuous purchase intention. In addition, perceived gain and customer satisfaction have partial mediation effects on the relationship between stimulus (S) and behavioral response (R). According to the research results, some suggestions are put forward for the merchants or enterprises engaged in cross-border beauty products industry.