Social media advertising has developed as a quick and efficient way to engage target customers and expand marketing campaigns in the fast-paced world of marketing. Despite the growing body of research in this area, there is a scarcity of review studies that synthesise important trends and probable future directions in social media advertising research. To fill this gap, we conducted a bibliometric study, using modern technologies to synthesise global knowledge structure and uncover emergent themes. The dataset included Scopus-indexed literature from 2018 to 2022, with the primary keywords "social media advertising," "social media advertisement," and "social media ad" being used. We conducted co-authorship, citation, bibliographic, and co-occurrence analysis using the VOSviewer tool to identify the top contributors and important research trends. Key findings show that certain themes received a lot of attention during the study period. Specifically, researchers investigated subjects such as purchase intention, sales, consumption behaviour, social influence, branding, perception, and attitudes, among others. An objective and quantitative summary of the major contributors and research trends has been provided in the paper.