With the development of digital technology, the importance of green supply chain finance (GSCF) in achieving the "Dual Carbon Goals" has become increasingly apparent, which has attracted numerous attention from scholars at home and abroad. However, there are currently some shortcomings in the research on promoting the deep integration of digital technology and GSCF, as well as the innovation and application of regional GSCF models. This article takes Jiangsu Province as the research object, and based on the background of digital technology, analyzes the current development status, models, and trends of GSCF in Jiangsu Province Conduct research on obstacles and governance strategies. The research results indicate that the basic development status of Jiangsu GSCF has been significantly improved in product innovation, green platform construction, ecological environment optimization, and risk prevention and control. Based on the practice of Jiangsu GSCF, innovative financial models are explored for three scenarios: "Jiangsu Carbon Melting", "Environmental Protection Guarantee", and "ESG Credit Loan". However, obstacles still exist in implementing standards and related regulations, information infrastructure construction, ecosystem risk control system, and composite talent support system. Therefore, this study suggests establishing multiple linkage mechanisms, improving standards and regulations, consolidating infrastructure construction, and stimulating development momentum, Strengthen the integration of digital technology, comprehensively prevent risks, improve the talent support system, and enhance carrying capacity.