Global warming and water eutrophication provide favorable living conditions for the rapid propagation of aquatic plants. The flooding of aquatic plants will lead to the obstruction of water navigation and the destruction of water ecological balance. According to relevant literature and market research, mechanical treatment is a more efficient way to solve the problem of aquatic plant flooding than manual removal. In order to solve the problems of aquatic plant inundation in small and mediumsized water areas such as inland rivers, the concept design of aquatic plant control product in the water air amphibious river course is carried out in this project combining with the technical advantages of artificial intelligence. Based on the previous literature research and product market research, the product characteristics are established and the functional structure design is carried out. Then, the design method of Industrial design bionics and product semantics is used to carry out the specific design of the product appearance and color matching scheme. Finally, a conceptual multifunctional water air amphibious aquatic plant control product with innovative concept, beautiful shape and integration of survey, cutting, storage and transportation is designed. The product can not only improve the efficiency and economic benefit of river aquatic plant treatment, but also improve the water environment of rivers and lakes. The research results indicate the direction for the product design and development of river aquatic plant treatment industry.