Consumers around the world have radically changed their lifestyles and behaviour’s in response to the pandemic. A slowdown in economic growth and the fear of uncertainty affected their buying habits and limited their shopping spree. While consumers restrained themselves behind the doors, due to financial uncertainty, the retail business felt the heat with a question on the survival of industry. In these unprecedented times, technological Innovations came as a boon for retailers to connect with customers and for exploring new facets of the business. Most of them have successfully leveraged technological innovation in their entrepreneurial journey. The purpose of the present research is to understand the acceptance of technology innovation among retailers during a pandemic. The authors adopted a qualitative case study methodology, data was collected from five retailers operating in different retail formats and product categories. Various technologies adopted by retailers during the pandemic scenario have been explored and discussed. The findings show that retailers faced challenges such as the closing of stores, social distancing, contactless transactions, and communication with customers. Technologies adopted by retailers to overcome these challenges include the adoption of e-platforms, websites, e-wallets, social media, and e-catalogues. The study investigates the technologies adopted by retailers during a pandemic, which emerged as the most promising way to support retail processes.