E-commerce live streaming has undergone rapid development in recent years. Technically, it is the combination of traditional ecommerce and live streaming, allowing salespeople to conduct sales operations and interact with and serve customers in realtime to improve their shopping experience. This study uses the e-commerce marketing mix (product, promotion, place, people, process, physical evidence) to conceptualize its influences on the shopping experience (product involvement and flow experience) and the outcome behavior (impulse buying). The research model is measured and evaluated by using the PLS-SEM method based on 248 valid questionnaire samples from China. The findings show that place has the most effect on product involvement, followed by product, people, process, and on the flow experience, processis most effective, followed by physical evidence, place, and people. In terms of the role of the shopping experience, product involvement has a fully mediating effect between product and impulse buying, and flow experience mediates the effect partially between three relationships: place, process, and physical evidence to impulse buying. Different from prior studies, we adapted the e-commerce marketing mix to provide empirical evidence for research on impulse purchases via e-commerce live streaming.