Online gaming has established itself as the dominant force in entertainment and social engagement, attracting millions of online gamers worldwide. This study aimed to evaluate the key factors that determine online gamers’ behavioral intention to play online video games. We also aimed to study the factors that stimulate online gamers’ intentions to play online games and try to establish new possibilities to gain insight into the novel behaviors of adolescents and find out the novel themes. An inductive research approach with a focus group discussion technique was used to collect data from twenty-nine experienced online gamers between April and May 2023. The NVivo 13 application was used to analyze data. The present empirical study identified several themes: competition, socializing, teamwork, sexual harassment, social spaces, cyberbullying, and mental health. The primary conclusion from the research study highlights the significance of hedonic motivations, more specifically the continuous behavior to play online games is explained by the identified themes. This study reveals that the irresistible appeal of immersive virtual realms, exhilarating challenges, and the chance to connect with fellow gamers exert a profound influence on online gamers' engagements. It is worth highlighting that the significance of social interaction has undergone a remarkable expansion, with online gaming platforms now serving as virtual social heavens where players forge deep and meaningful relationships. The research study has significant managerial implications and offers a rich future research agenda.