The COVID pandemic has driven innovations that have made information technology all-pervasive in the lives of most individuals. This systematic review seeks to determine the key themes that reflect these advances. The demographics of the publications reviewed were also examined. A total of 84 peer-reviewed and conference proceedings publications were selected from the years 2020-2022. NVivo 12 Plus was used to construct word relationship trees and a word frequency cloud. It was found that there are four main themes: information management; public health management; technological advances; and services. The word cloud revealed that data, health, learning, and social were the most frequently associated words with information technology and COVID. Most affiliations were based in the United States, with 79 authors, followed by China with 27 and India with 21 authors. The average number of authors on a publication was 3.59. Future research into the ethical impacts of online monitoring and real-world surveillance is needed. As data management systems are increasingly being used by corporations and governments to combat and restrict the spread of misinformation, who decides the truth needs to be clearly transparent?