Purpose: The purpose of this research is to explore the accessibility of online education for high school students in Thailand. It especially focuses on identifying the inequalities among Thai students in terms of availability of IT hardware, internet access, and IT skills by comparing the results of surveys of students in urban areas with those from students in rural areas within Thailand. Based on these findings and input from experts in the Thai education system, strategies to reduce digital inequalities are presented. Design/methodology/approach: To fulfill the objectives of this research, primary data is collected through online surveys with Thai high school students in order to explore digital inequalities. Additionally, semi-structured interviews with experts on Thai education are conducted in order to evaluate the findings from the students’ survey responses and to generate bridging strategies. Moreover, a regional comparison based on findings from research conducted in neighboring countries will enable an analysis of the findings in an international context. Findings: This research provides information and insights into digital inequalities existing in the Thai education system. It reveals insights into the availability of IT hardware and access to the internet for online education, as well as the IT skills of high school students across Thailand. It highlights the differences in these areas between urban and rural locations within the country. Based on these findings, expert-backed recommendations are provided to bridge these inequalities. Originality/value: The demand for IT in education is increasing significantly. Recent developments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have accelerated such trends. These rapid evolutions need to be explored regularly in order to inform appropriate intervention strategies. Therefore, this research contributes to academia and enhances the ability of stakeholders and decision-makers in Thailand’s education sector to respond effectively to the increasing digital inequalities experienced by Thai high school students.