The purpose of this study is to identify those imperative skills required by an oligopolistic industry (healthcare) to provide significant services so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Employability skills are those essential skills which are required in the workplace. Researchers are consistently analyzing it on multiple fronts and domains to help the industry identify the right person for the right job. Unfortunately, there is still a dearth of studies which have precisely recognized the employability skill set for frontline workers in hospitals. In this paper, researchers have successfully developed and validated a scale to measure the employability skill set required by frontline workers in the healthcare industry. Researchers have developed a research scale consisting of nine essential dimensions of skills. For validating the scale, a sample has been collected from 400 respondents, having at least 10 years of experience in the Medical Service Vertical using stratified random sampling. The medical service vertical comprises both front-end and back-end jobs. The skill set varies at each level and as per the key responsibility areas. An employability skill set scale has been developed, encompassing the required soft and technical skills. The study intends a significant positive correlation, which means that any positive variance in one leads to a corresponding affirmative variability in the other. This study will further assist researchers who want to develop tailored training programmes for frontline workers.