Previous research has shown that jobseekers’ information on Facebook influences recruiters’ decision-making. This study extends previous research by using artificial intelligence to study the impact of jobseekers' Facebook profile pictures sharing on recruiters' decision-making during the pandemics.

For most people, Facebook is an integral part of everyday life. Facebook allows its jobseekers to interact with passive and active jobseekers in a low-cost and relatively easy way. Facebook is a useful business tool for companies and individuals to promote their brands, personal image and personality types. Jobseekers are one of the largest groups of Facebook jobseekers. Smart business recruiters and recruiters are using many tools and strategies to find the best Jobseekers on Facebook. Jobseekers’ Facebook profile pictures sharing has been a topic of interest to searchers in recent years.

This study collected data from 500 Jobseekers' Facebook profile pictures and recruited 50 recruiters. The results show that the jobseekers' Facebook profile pictures are positively correlated with recruiters' interview decisions during the pandemic. This study uses artificial intelligence to judge the personality traits of jobseekers based on Facebook profile pictures and examines the impact of jobseekers' Facebook profile pictures and recruiters’ interview decisions.