Supply chain finance (SCF) has experienced the development stages of offline SCF, online traditional SCF, and Internet SCF, and has developed to the stage of smart supply chain finance (SSCF) driven by digital technology in China. We analyze the theoretical framework of SSCF model from three aspects: loose coupling alliance organizational structure, visual operation and management process and symbiotic multi-agent coordination mechanism. In the financing of private scientific and technological enterprises, SSCF will show smart effects such as intelligent decision-making, harmonious service, penetrating management and digital risk control. Further, the process of SSCF providing financing services for private scientific and technological enterprises is designed. Finally, in view of the problems and challenges faced by private scientific and technological enterprises in the application of SSCF, we put forward countermeasures and suggestions from the aspects of expanding the dimension of smart transformation, building a perfect regulatory system and legal system, and strengthening the cultivation of compound talents in this paper.