Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the early year 2020, many businesses and industries have encountered serious impact on their operation and maintenance, but the significant growth rate of e-Commerce industries has caught all people’s eyes. Many domestic and foreign leading businesses are forced to speed up their configuration for moving into e-Commerce and m- Commerce. For e-Commerce businesses, they do not have much physical communication and interaction with consumers, it may eliminate the expensive management costs, but they cannot provide customers with good opportunities for experiencing. So, how to pure e-Commerce transform into the New Retail Omnichannel operating model is an important research issue. In view of all, this study intends to apply Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in combination with the Fuzzy Theory to analyze a decision-making issue, namely, what factors are deemed important or concerns to “the pure e-Commerce businesses” in their future transformation into New Retail Omnichannel operating model. In the results of this study, “increase revenue”, “develop customer’s potential market”, “increase stock turnover, “reduce reverse logistics costs”, and “increased management costs” are the five consideration factors most important to transformation into new retail model. The results from this study provide the pure e-Commerce businesses with considerably useful reference in the issue of transformation into New Retail operating model in their future.