The spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected both governments and businesses worldwide. Besides lives loss and disease, COVID-19 causes reduction in economic growth and increase in the unemployment rate, companies’ bankruptcy, and the workload of healthcare. Governments and businesses have relied heavily on the digital technologies to eliminate or at least reduce the spread and effect of COVID-19. Therefore, individuals (as citizens requiring government services, employees working in either public or private sectors, or costumers having goods or services) were only able to accomplish their tasks through digital technologies. COVID-19 effect has implications on many research fields, including information systems. Prior studies that investigated the adoption of digital technologies have focused on technological, personal, and/or institutional factors. This work-in-progress paper attempts to explore the digital technologies adoption through the lens of COVID-19. This research uses the grounded theory. This work-in-progress paper presents research methodology and expected contributions.