Supply chain finance (SCF) has the unique advantage of being close to the “Belt and Road” industrial chain. It can meet the investment and financing needs of the “Belt and Road” construction projects, improve the quality and efficiency of the financial services of the “Belt and Road” construction projects, promote the cooperation of the “Belt and Road” industry chain and build a global supply chain production and financing ecology. Comprehensively considering the operating conditions of the “Belt and Road” construction and the impact of digital technology on SCF, the “Belt and Road” SCF model is proposed. In terms of process design and key point layout, an innovative reconstruction of the “Belt and Road” SCF model based on debt asset pledge, movable property pledge and intangible asset pledge is carried out. Further, in view of the problems in the current digital SCF to support SMEs to participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, such as inadequate comprehensive supply chain financial services, insufficient coordination of digital technologies, and asymmetric information between banks and enterprises, etc. We propose path design of the trinity of “government promotion, market leadership and social cogovernance” of the “Belt and Road” SCF.