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Xudong Luo, Guangxi Normal University, China.

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With the changes of the times and the advancement of science, there are more and more cars around us. Cars bring great convenience to people's lives, such as drop taxis can be on call, cheaper and convenient. However, in recent years, there have been many incidents of female passengers being killed by drop taxi drivers, which has resulted in many female compatriots not being safely out of the country. This motivated us to develop artificial intelligence systems using voice input to identify crime tendency of taxi drivers. The system we developed uses the keyword input technology of voice input. Specifically, we first build up the keyword library of criminal tendencies based on similar cases reported in news. Then we present the details of how our system recognizes the crime tendency of a driver through what he talked with a female passenger. Finally, we explain how the system automatically takes the corresponding warning or send out help signal to police officers after it identifies a driver has a criminal tendency.

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