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With the strong growth of China economy in the dozens of years, there has been increasing demand of products and services of high quality from Chinese consumers with rising salary and disposable income. Despite recent concerns of economy slowdown and softening currency, Chinese consumer confidence still keep upbeat and resilient with strong interest of shifting spending to premium segment. This trend is especially phenomenal when it comes to spending on agricultural products. Chinese consumers tend to choose products with clear and credible indication of Non-GMO and organic label. However, despite of strong demand, it has been a long existing challenge of insufficient supply of organic products in China agricultural market without a well-guarded and reliable system of quality assurance. With E-Commerce platform, a new advent of technology that bridges supply and demand of niche and emerging segment, more opportunities are exposed to both consumers and suppliers in increasing the outreach of organic agricultural products and consumers willing to pay extra. This study analyses pricing, branding and distribution strategy for organic agricultural products and devises a portfolio of integrative marketing strategies and tactics that is applicable in the new era of digital marketing, built from the case of, one of the largest B2C E-commerce platform in China.

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