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Xin Huang, College of Management & Greater Bay Area International Institute for Innovation, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China,

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This study will explore the influence factors of college students' innovation intention, the previous research mainly focus on self-efficacy and motivation, social capital for the influence of innovation intention, this research will be based on the previous research, put forward a new independent variable, to explore the effects of education, social capital, past experiences and peer relationship on information exposure, information sharing and pioneering consciousness. One of the innovation points of this study is to propose the influence of college students' peer relationship on information exposure and information sharing in entrepreneurship. Based on Self-determination Theory (SDT) and Conservation of Resources Theory (COR), students in universities were selected as the respondents. Empirical analysis was conducted by questionnaire, and PLS was used to test SEM to reach the final conclusion. The results show that university peer influence (close friends) is positively correlated with information exposure, information sharing and entrepreneurial intention. This study maintains that college students' education, social capital, previous experience and peer relationship are positively correlated with entrepreneurial intention, and these variables can also influence information exposure and information sharing. This study will be able to effectively improve the influence of university peer relationship, information exposure and information sharing in university entrepreneurship, and fill in the theoretical gaps of innovation and entrepreneurship papers. The relevant theoretical research in this paper will be effectively applied to universities. Through adjusting university peer relationship, information exposure and information sharing, it will better help college students form entrepreneurial intention.