Corresponding Author

Jing Tian

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Work in Progress


This study proposed a new concept Smart Citizen under smart city environment that has not been noticed before. Smart city has introduced opportunities for improved citizen wellbeing through digitalization of many activities of our life. The information acquisition, shopping, life style tracking, and social life are all shifting from offline to online, which also creates many burdens in our life. Yet we know little about how the life process is being changed by this wave of new technology innovation. Most smart city research focused either on the technology infrastructure or the policy but neglect the most important element of the smart city is the person who lives in the city. A clear definition and examination of the role of citizens under the smart city environment would help us better cope with the technology. This study proposed a new concept smart citizen with four dimensions, followed by several relevant research questions of each dimension respectively. The four dimensions are (1) slacktivism and knowledge bubble, (2) personal digitalization,(3) virtual social relationship, and (4) digital life process burden. We expect to arouse discussions on how an individual under smart city environment shall respond to these four challenging perspectives.