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Kai-Ju Chuang

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The thought of experience design can create a digital media system environment that is in line with human life experience which can assist designers to plan tour experience for the users, and shape the digital media system environment with experience value. The objective of this study is to draw an effective design method through the experience design thinking and to apply it to the development of digital media system. Through the well-designed overall environment, the user's emotional experience can also be met. By way of the discussion of literature theory, consolidation of the expert interviews, and 14 case observations, this study summarizes the design principles applied to the integrated development of digital media systems. The results of this study sum up 12 design criteria and propose a set of feasibility and reference value of the design method for the relevant designer’s reference. The design principle gives design workers a clear design and implementation criteria to promote the designers (managers, executor, etc.) to have a clearer goal, enhance the design quality of digital media, and to create an environment that is focused on user’s feeling and experience.