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Zhenlong Peng

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China’s latest innovations of Internet Economy are partly reflected in video living broadcast, shared bicycles etc. In recent years, tourism industry in China obtains rapid development by utilizing Internet. However, it is still difficult to meet the growing tourist demands. In order to solve this problem, in this paper, we put forward a Tourism Crowdsourcing Model (TCM), which utilizes the public creativity to meet the increasing demands for personalized tourism. Firstly, the main problems of the tourism industry are analyzed. Secondly, the pattern of TCM is elaborated, and a matching algorithm between the tourist requirements and the workers’ abilities is well designed to find the qualified service providers efficiently and accurately. Finally, an example is given to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the TCM based on shared economy. The results shows that TCM has some significant advantages to satisfy the tourism personalized needs by motivating the public to participate in the tourism industry initiatively.