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As the attention and utilization gradually focus on WeChat marketing advantages, the development of WeChat mall enterprises has received much concern. The characteristics of WeChat malls, such as flexible personalized settings, high sociality and strong closure and so on, have great practical significance to measure and evaluate the marketing efficiency of WeChat mall enterprises. First of all, by constructing a BISP marketing system from the aspects of Brand, Interface, Service and Price, this paper established an input-output system that based on DEA model for evaluating marketing efficiency of WeChat mall enterprises. Secondly, we compared the effective decision making units with the super efficiency DEA model. Finally, we analyzed input redundancy and output deficiency situation. The research shows that the overall marketing efficiency of WeChat mall enterprises is on the low side, and rather big differences are existing among different WeChat mall enterprises. To effectively enhance the marketing efficiency, WeChat mall enterprises should improve marketing investment structure and find suitable marketing schemes according to their own characteristics and advantages. So these enterprises will obtain greater benefits and promote economic development.