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Visibility in a supply chain brings benefits across all partners, leading to positive effect on overall supply chain performance. IoT-based approach has been shown to be effective in enhancing end-to-end visibility. An IT artifact can be designed to deliver supply chain visibility to individual users. Yet, factors like ownership, costs, and know-how often deter the adoption by supply chains. In this paper, we present the design of a cloud-based IT artifact for supply chain visibility services. With IT services and a service-oriented approach to visibility, a concept of visibility cloud (VC) is proposed. The design objectives of VC are articulated, leading to two key services formulated as Visibility-as-a-Service and App-as-a-Service. The two services are described and followed by an illustrative instantiation. VC servicetizes SCV with affordability and expandability according to the pace of each individual party. With metered SCV services via mobile devices, supply chain management is effective definite (definite effective?) anytime anywhere.