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This paper takes a marketing perspective of knowledge management and introduces the concepts of marketing knowledge and knowledge-based marketing based on a review and evaluation of the extant literature. A integrated model of knowledge-based marketing is developed and the essential processes of knowledge-based marketing in a case study of e-knowledge networks in high-tech SMEs is analysed. Traditional marketing approaches have focused overly on explicit knowledge and neglected the important role of tacit knowledge, specifically in international (cross-cultural) settings. This paper aims to adjust this imbalance in the extant literature, and makes a call for a new knowledge-based marketing paradigm. The integrated model of knowledge-based marketing can be an easy-to-follow innovation model for high-tech SMEs to address when adopting e-knowledge network. This helps to ensure that the essential determinants and approaches for knowledge-based marketing processes are covered during from research, development, design, manufacturing, marketing/distribution to form the EKN for implementation/commercialisation. For industries, this provides a practical and complete business model for them to use as a reference and study the innovation approaches (the advantage and disadvantage), which are crucial for the success of knowledge-based marketing in high-tech SMEs.