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Healthcare organization may not necessarily invest in IT infrastructure to serving the need for e-health system by considering rent the system and resources to keep them focus in their core of business (healthcare services). Cloud computing in healthcare service can provide flexibility in term of resources adoption and quick implementation. However, adopting cloud computing for the purpose of patient empowerment is challenging task for healthcare organization. Patients are empowered in the sense of controlling the process of interaction(s) with a healthcare organization and among patients themselves. In addition, empowerment through cloud computing enables patients to have greater role in the process of participation in managing personal healthcare, sharing healthcare issues with the authorized healthcare staffs, and engaging a mobile health that emphasises on healthcare service anywhere and anytime. This paper proposes a model of patient empowerment in e-health systems through cloud computing to enhance existing theory of empowerment in healthcare business processes. A survey has also been conducted to verify and improve the initial model and to understand the responses of patients regarding empowerment in the e-health services.