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Conflict management is critical to project human resource and communication management. Conflict is inevitable in project and teamwork. Properly managed, a certain amount of conflicts is beneficial. However, the relationships between conflict management and team performance are inconsistent in previous studies. This study investigates the how project members' interpersonal relationships among internal members and external actors are related to the conflict solution satisfaction, and examines the effectiveness social interaction and satisfaction on the relationship between conflict management style and team performance. This study strives to make two contributions. First, this study adds to the sparse empirical evidence on the impact of social interaction ties on conflict management. Second, recent work on social interaction in organization has emphasized how social ties provide information and resource to a focal individual. We attempt to extend this concept at team level. In examining the relationship between social interaction ties and conflict solution satisfaction, and further affect the relationship among conflict management and team performance, this study provides a rationale for project managers to develop their conflict management skills.