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Smartphones have become popular in recent years; in turn, the number of application developers and publishers has grown rapidly. To understand users’ app preferences, many platforms such as Google Play provide different mechanism that allows users to rank apps. However, more detailed insights on user’s feelings, experiences, critiques, suggestions, or preferences are missing due to a lack of additional written comments. This research attempts to investigate the review analytics of Android games listed on Google Play using a proposed text analytic approach to extract all user reviews from game apps in Chinese. A total of 207,048 reviews of 4,268 free games from February to March 2013 are extracted and analyzed according to various metrics including game type and game attribute. The findings indicate there is high dependency between users’ gender and game type, males and females have differing opinions on game attributes. In particular, users of different game types prefer different game attributes. The results reveal product usage insights, as well as best practices for developers.