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In order to stimulate consumption, most e-commercial giants of China conduct sales promotions centered on “price war”, thus impeding the healthy development of e-commercial enterprises to some degree. Under this condition, it’s every e-commercial enterprise’s top priority to understand the perceived dimension of the central value of the customers’ purchase intention and thus reposition their marketing direction. Therefore, centered on the customers’ purchase intention, this paper structures a four-dimension (i.e., price, functional, emotional and social) model of the perceived value; and, in the meantime, considering the time-limit characteristic of the promotion, as a moderator variable, time pressure is used in the model to conduct the empirical analysis. According to the study, among the dimensions of the perceived value, only the price value and emotional value have a significantly positive influence on the customers’ purchase intention, and the influence by emotional value is bigger than the other. In different time pressure, the influence on purchase intention by perceived value makes significant difference. When there is difference in product category, the time pressure adjustment makes big difference too.