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As the environment changed, the inter-organizat ional in Supply chain has been transferred fro m simple relations to complex relations “Comp ound or Portfolio Relationships”. The main pur pose of this research is to integrate external/int ernal resource and maintain flexible volatility o f inter-organization for helping organizations/fir ms could increase the competitive advantage fo r them. To survey the current researches which discuss inter-organization in supply chain; it c ould be found that most literatures are focused on each simple relationship or portfolio relatio nship about their types and features. Our resear ch uses multiple relative theory and interviews to perform the research. To develop theory mo del and analyse the nature of relations about c ompound relationships oriented and portfolio rel ationships oriented. The theoretical framework model concerns the influence of the difference selection factors between inter-organizational in supply chain. We hope this research will cont ribute to further studies and provide some sugg estions for implementing management of the rel ationship between supply chains.