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Many consumers routinely gather product information and appraisals via the Internet before making purchase decisions. For them, blogs are an important information source. Therefore, enterprises have begun using blogs as a new and effective instrument of product marketing. However, selecting the blog type that optimizes advertising effectiveness is now an important issue in corporate advertising.

This study classifies blogs into three types (celebrity blog, expert blog, and typical consumer blog) and defines product type (experience product and search product) and brand awareness (high and low) as two product constructs. The aim is to help enterprises evaluate the type and brand awareness of a product to be promoted and to select the blog type that maximizes advertising effectiveness (perceived risk, ad attitude, brand attitude, and purchase intention) in diffusing product information. A quasi-experiment design was adopted, and twelve experimental contexts were designed. A valid sample of over 2,000 responses was collected to study between-group differences in advertising effectiveness. The analytical results showed between-group difference in advertising effectiveness, which indicated that blog advertising effectiveness varies with different combinations of product constructs and blog types.