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This framework offers positioning and revitalizing approaches by which high performing global businesses may strategically meet their global business challenges. These approaches offer ways to capture business competitiveness, and if approached in unison can yield additional benefit to the global business. A more responsive, revitalized global business can emerge – one capable of moving its position in conjunction with business-monitored customer drift or changed customer requirements.

Several business or operational solutions, plus business-customer interface approaches, and a final services gateway system offer three challenging ways for the leading-edge global business to revitalize itself, and to competitively re-position itself closer to its customers. By setting very tough goals, the global business can then intelligently link its operational, business-customer interface and customer knowledge capture zones into a finely-tuned, multiple-channel services gateway connectivity system. Built outwardly from the interface this approach continually analyses, aligns, and refocuses the back-end business deliverables, as its best solution to each customer requirement.