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The Internet provides a wide range of health information and services which consumers access for self-care and to participate in a more informed way in their healthcare when they see their physician. This information and services are however, delivered in text form and therefore, does not cater for the needs of the non-computer literate, the visually impaired and the blind. This paper presents a framework for the design of speech-enabled self-care e-Health systems. Reasoning-induced disease diagnosis which existing speech-based disease screening systems lack has been incorporated into the framework to enable systems based on the framework diagnose more than one type of disease. Based on the framework, speechbased self-care e-Health system (SSeS) prototype application was developed. The originality of this framework is that it is speech-based. This takes care of the health needs of the category of people earlier identified and the underserved people, majority of those who are domiciled in Africa.